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Country of Origin

Cup Characteristics
A full flavored green tea that has a satisfying light refreshing character, pleasantly vegetative with some briskness.

Very bright.

Luxury green tea.

This is the best Japan green tea, made from single buds that are picked only in April/May. To develop increased chlorophyll (making them dark green) and reduced the tannin (giving a sweeter flavor with no bitterness), the tea is covered with black curtains or bamboo and straw shades for 3 weeks in early spring. The leaves are small, about 3/4 to an inch long and extremely fragrant and tender. Gyokuro has been referred to as history, philosophy and art in a single cup. This is the best green tea of Japan. Usually brewed in a Kyushu (special Japanese teapot) and served in handless cups.

The Japanese make many health claims about green tea such as its ability to reduce the incidence of cancer and aging. One study concluded that green tea and catechin markedly inhibited the development of cancer. Another demonstrated that catechin in green tea is a far stronger antioxidant than vitamin E, leading to a hypothesis that green tea contains a powerful antioxidant that is believed to help control aging.

Hot tea brewing method: When preparing by the cup, this tea can be used repeatedly, about 3 times. The secret is to use water that is about 180F or 90C. Place 1 teaspoon in your cup and let the tea steep for about 3 minutes. Begin enjoying a cup of enchantment but do not remove the leaves from the cup. Once the water level is low, add more water, and repeat until the flavor of the tea is exhausted.

Alternatively, as with all quality teas, scoop 2-4 teaspoons of tea into the teapot and pour in boiling water that has been freshly drawn. Steep for 2-4 minutes to taste, stir, and pour into your cup but do not add milk or sugar since green tea is enjoyed straight-up.

Iced tea-brewing method: (not recommended)

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