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Delirium Blossom



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Country of Origin

Cup Characteristics
The design is delirious, the green tea exquisite and the flowers extreme - Lightly floral with a touch of dryness.

Yellow bright.

Luxury green tea, Amaranth + marigold blossoms, Osmanthus petals.

The pod starts its life as a handful of Amaranth, Marigold and Osmanthus blossoms and some very tippy tea leaves from the highlands of Yunnan. Quality is paramount, not just any flowers and tea will do. The artisan chooses his ingredients both for flavor profile and texture, but also for color and impression. The blooms must be the brightest and fullest. The tea must be harvested meticulously and processed masterfully. Mid-way through the processing stage, when the leaves are still damp, the blossoms are tied by hand, woven into the tea and pressed into their unique forms. The tea dries and all the colors and flavors are concealed just waiting to reappear in a burst of frantic tea energy.

Unleash the delirious power the most unique China offerings. Delight in the visual spectacle! Revel in the bright floral notes and astringent finish! Oh Delirium Blossom! A superb tea that will leave you breathless!

Hot tea brewing method: Place one ball in your teapot (ideally clear glass for maximum visual effect), and add boiling water. (Very hot or boiling water allows the ball to open, which allows you to see the art of tea better). Infuse until the ball is fully open, usually about 5 minutes. Watch the long leaves unfurl to reveal the hidden flower treasure. Note: Do not remove the leaves after infusing, contemplate life and enjoy a rare Chinese floral Tea. If you wish to have another cup of tea, simply pour more water on the leaves and infuse for another 1-3 minutes.

Iced tea-brewing method: Not generally consumed iced but if you do, (to make 1 qt) Place 3 Delirium Blossom pods in a heat resistant pitcher. Add 1 1/4 cups freshly boiled water. Steep 5 min. Quarter fill a serving pitcher with ice water. Add steeped tea and fill with ice water. Garnish with 1 opened Delirium Blossom and sweeten to taste.

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