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Featured Items
Delirium Blossom 3 Flower Burst Longing Heart
The design is delirious, the green tea exquisite and the flowers extreme. The peach character of osmanthus comes to the fore with hints of jasmine and lily. A delectable hint of peach dances through the tea.
$26.40 $26.40 $26.40
Jasmine Green Tea Royal Ceylon Snow Sprout
A green tea with surprising body and a captivating floral character. Enjoy the captivating taste and the intriguing hint of oakiness. Very light liquoring with exquisite fresh character.
Sale $4.92 Sale $8.12 Sale $18.90
Lemon Grass Chai Lady Londonderry Kingdom Of Morocco
A palate cleansing lemon grass with bountiful Malabar spices. A delicious mildly flavored Strawberry Lemon tea. Malty with cool accent of peppermint.
$10.71 $8.51 $8.51

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